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Photo Tours have a different agenda than Excursions. Photography tours have a much different pace and often stay longer at each location. Excursions are more about personal observation and experience. The process of taking snapshots by travellers is different than taking pictures by photographers, no matter the proficiency. Therefore the two do not go well together. Excursions often cover more sites than photo tours.
Photo Tours are for photographers of any proficiency, and our guide, who himself is a photographer, will do the utmost to help with the picture taking process, technically and aesthetically, as requested by our customers. We welcome beginners as professional photographers and we will help as we can so everyone gets the most out of our tours.
If you have never seen the northern lights, this is a must see, magic lights in the sky.
Northern Lights Tours are for everyone, whether they bring a camera or not. Some people want to take pictures of the Northern Lights, others want a picture of themselves with the Northern Lights, we can help with both. Then there are those that just want to look and experience, we welcome them too.
As set forth by Iceland Tourist Board; A tour operator can operate a tour within a day. Once the tour extends to another day and/or overnight accommodation is required, a tour operator certification is not enough and the operator of the tour needs a travel agency certification. An entity with travel agency certification can sell packages with everything included, such as accommodation. This certification has to do with insurance coverage and reflects responsibility towards the customer as required by the law of Iceland.
Iceland Locations ehf. is a certified Travel Agency by the Icelandic Tourist Board.
Iceland Locations offers you to have your own Private tour, where you control the tempo, emphasis and itinerary of the Tour.
Iceland Locations is an authorised Travel Agency by the Icelandic Tourist Board.
Your Icelandic travel partner is a certified Tourist Guide in Iceland, a professional driver/ filmmaker/ photographer.
Modifying a tour with a prearranged schedule with other passengers can be near impossible. Your Iceland Locations tour is based on your preferences, and the schedule can be changed as you please.
Whether your tour with Iceland Locations is a photo tour or not, your preferences are primal. While on the road, if you want to stop for a photo or for any other reason, we will stop for you (in a safe place).
And last but not least: Your Guide/driver, Aegir, is a caring, knowledgable, resourceful and helpful human being, a perfect local to help you make the most of your visit to Iceland.
Iceland is considered expensive by many but it is a matter of perspective.
Iceland is about 40 thousand square miles. (103,000 m2) The population of Iceland is about 364,260 thousand people (Jan.1st. 2020). Of these about 208,500 people work and pay taxes, taxes that pay for all the infrastructure in the country. Infrastructure that would be sufficient for over 5 million people.
Another thing that makes many things expensive is that Iceland is an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Half of the food is imported and also most other things like clothing, electrical equipment and cars, to name a few.
Still another thing is the building code. Iceland is a very volcanic island with many earthquakes, even many every week. Most of them are small and don't bother anyone, but buildings have to tolerate this and are therefore expensive.
And the climate is such that everyone needs access to good housing and good clothing.


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