Northern Light Forecast

Here are some links for Northern Lights Forecast

The Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks has a very good web for Northern Lights Forecast here.

Another good web is the Icelandic Met Office. Here one can see a forecast for the cloud cover in Iceland.
Clouds will block the view of the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Forecast in the next few days according to Geophysical Institute Alaska on a scale from 0 - 9:
Monday Dec. 17th 2018: 3
Tuesday Dec. 18th 2018: 3
Wednesday Dec. 19th 2018: 2
Thursday Dec. 20th 2018: 2
Friday Dec. 21st 2018: 2
Saturday Dec. 22nd 2018: 2
Sunday Dec. 23rd2018: 2
Monday Dec. 24th 2018: 2
Tuesday Dec. 25th 2018: 2
Wednesday Dec. 26th 2018: 2
Thursday Dec. 27th 2018: 2
What these numbers mean regarding the possibility of seeing the lights:
2=fair, 3=good, 4=better, 5=very good.



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