Iceland Locations - Northern Lights Photo Tour

Iceland Locations offers Northern Light Photo Tours for groups up to 7 persons.

Regular tours start at 8pm from Reykjavik area and return to Reykjavik between midnight and 1am. Extended tours are optional at an additional price.
The tours will be out of the city to get away from the light pollution of the city lights. The destination depends on the weather forecast and cloud cover. If the cloud cover is favourable, we will stay in one place for the duration of the tour.
Be prepared for a long cold night out and dress well. Standing around the camera in a cold night for extended time calls for warm shoes and very warm clothing.

Equipment needed:
Your personal still camera that allows for manual settings.
A remote for the camera that allows for a timelapse is preferable
Tripod ( we can supply one if necessary)
Fresh battery and a spare if possible. (A dead battery will render the camera useless)
Memory cards, the faster, the better (one night filming stills can exceed 32GB, if you intend to shoot video more GB is needed)
A small headlight or flashlight. (to be able to see to adjust the camera in the dark)
Even though we try to keep any use of lights to a minimum, it's necessary to use a light once in a while.

Your Guide is an experienced Northern Light Photographer and can assist if necessary.

Our Northern Lights photo tours are only operated if the forecast is favorable.
Iceland Locations reserves the right to cancel a tour if condition change and there is not a good chance the Northern Lights will be seen.

You don't have to be a professional photographer to benefit from the Northern Lights Photo Tour.

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