Northern Lights Photography.

Northern Lights Photography is an exciting process but calls for extreme patience, standing around the camera in the cold night, often for many hours, and the outcome is never a sure thing.

Northern Lights is not a constant phenomenon. Even when they are out on a clear sky, they are constantly changing, disappearing and appearing without any warning. The only way to see them is to be monitoring the sky all the time. Seeing the Northern Lights is an experience, and you will never see the same Northern Lights twice.
Photographing the Northern Lights can be tricky, but a one good picture can be very rewarding. It is worth all the effort.
It could be compared to fishing, one doesn't know what one will catch until one has caught it. And some people can not imagine what is so exiting about it.
To photograph the Northern Lights one needs a still camera with manual settings and preferably a remote control for the camera.
On a Iceland Locations Northern Lights Photo tour, your guide will help you set your camera if you need assistance.

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