What are the Northern Lights?

Electrically charged particles coming from the sun, are collected in two circles around Earth by Earth's magnetic field and as they collide with other particles in Earths atmosphere light is emitted which is called Aurora, Aurora Borealis in the northern hemisphere.

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, is a circle around Earth close to the arctic circle. The Northern Lights are at an altitude of 100km to 300km, higher than any clouds, so the view of the Aurora Borealis is often blocked by clouds.
There is also Aurora in the southern hemisphere, Aurora Australis; the Southern Lights.

Aurora Borealis is not a constant phenomenon, but is dependant on the activity on the sun. The Northern Lights are never the same, but ever changing and moving.

Iceland is one of the places on Earth where the Aurora Borealis can easily be seen during the winter months, weather permitting.

Northern lights magnitude has a cycle of about 11 years. There is expected a low in the Northern Lights magnitude in 2019 and the next hight point in Northern Lights magnitude is expected to be in 2025.



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