Skrudur (Icelandic: Skrúður)
is an island off of Faskrudsfjordur fjord in the east of Iceland.

The island is 160 meters high, 1.738 ft. (530m) at its widest and 1.934 ft.(590m) long . A variety of birds nest on the island and in earlier times farmers would collect eggs for food. The island has been protected since 1995. Skrudur is made of basalt and acid extrusive rock. The island belongs to the farm Vattarnes. West of Skrudur, there is the island Andey.

According to folklore, there lives on the island a creature referred to as the Farmer of Skrudur. This creature would steal sheep from farmers that left their sheep to roam the island. The creature once used magic to lure a daughter of a priest to him. There are tails of the creature saving sailors from a sure death at sea.

18 species of birds nest on Skrudur. The Puffin is the most common, supposedly 150.000 couples nest on the island. Common birds are also "langvía" and "stuttnefja" and "álka" and "teista". "Súla" started to nest there in 1943 and has steadily multiplied. Fulmar and "Rita" are common birds in the cliffs at Skrudur. "Silfurmáfur", "sílamáfur" and "svartbakur" have been seen on the island and also the Common Eider, "þúfutittlingur", "maríuerla", "snjótittlingur", Gray Goose, "sæsvala" and "stormsvala".

On Skrudur there is a peculiar natural phenomenon, a large cave divided into two smaller caves; the inner and the outer. The outer cave is estimated to be about 113.000 cubic feet (3200 m2) and the inner cave 91.800 cubic feet (2600 m2). The is believed to be 410 foot (125m) long, 279 foot (85m) wide and up to 72 foot (22m) high. The Puffin nests in the cave. In earlier times fishermen would dock in the island and the fishermen would use the cave for accommodation.

December 26th 1986 the tanker Syneta ran ashore at the island and the whole crew lost their lives. The tanker was on it's way from Liverpool England to Eskifjordur to fetch capelin oil.

Reference Oct. 2017:úður

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