The Beaten Path

From Reykjavik, there are a few tour destinations that are very popular. These tours are mostly operated by large buses, but for those that want to travel in comfort and be in control of their schedule, a private tour is an option to consider. These destinations are very popular to photograph.

The tours are operated in a large comfortable 4x4 SUV with a professional driver/guide. The SUV accommodates up to 7 fully grown passengers. For tours extending several days the SUV is very comfortable for 5 fully grown passengers.

A Northern Light tour from Reykjavik Northern Lights in Iceland Northern Lights in Iceland Northern Lights in Iceland
The time is calculated from pick up to drop off in Reykjavik Metro.
For pick ups and drop offs outside Reykjavik Metro, consult with us for appropriate time.
Free pick-up/drop-off at your accommodation/BUS Stop in Reykjavík Metro.
The Golden Circle Tour is the most popular. The usual visited destinations are: Thingvellir National Park Þingvellir , Geysir Hot Springs Strokkur , Gullfoss Waterfall Gullfoss . Usually dining is at Geysir or Gullfoss. There are several options on this route, incl.: Snowmobiling tour from Gullfoss, Dining at Efsti Dalur or Fridheimar, Diving into Secret Lagoon Hot spring, a visit to the waterfall Faxi Faxi Waterfall  and a visit to  the crater Kerid. Note: Most of these optional stops need to be booked in advance.

Thingvellir or Þingvellir in Icelandic, is the most sacred of places in Iceland. Here in a Rift valley between the American and EuroAsian tectonic plates parliament was established in Iceland in the year 930 and continued to be here until 1798. It was protected by law in 1928 and in 2004 Þingvellir was accepted on the Unesco World Heritage list for its cultural values. The rift valley is also a majestic example of the rift between the two tectonic plates.
Geysir hot spring area is named after the original Geysir (Geyser) that would spew hot water as high as 70 meters. Geysir has now retired, but his little brother Strokkur has accepted the choir of spewing hot water and erupts about every 7-10 minutes as high as 40 meters, even though average eruptions are closer to 15 to 20 meters.

Gullfoss waterfall in the river Hvita, and is the most famous waterfall in Iceland. It falls in two stages over two tectonic faults at 90° to one another. Gullfoss was saved from being a victim to a hydro electric plant in early 20th century. Its survival has been credited to a woman, Sigridur Tomasdottir in Brattholt, the daughter of one of the owners, but she fought hard to have the waterfall protected. Later historical explanations dispute this, but what ever was the case, Sigridur, who inherited a part of the ownership from her father, did her best to get the waterfall protected. She may have been the first tourist guide in Iceland as she routinely would bring visitors to the waterfall.
Faxi is a waterfall in the river Tungufljot.
The Secret Lagoon is optional for those that want to relax in geothermal hot springs. Admission to the Secret Lagoon is not included in this tour. Pre-booking is recommended as access can not be guarantied on the day. Find out more about the Secret Lagoon here.
To fit the itinerary a reservation to the Secret Lagoon should be made for 2pm on the day of the tour. Book the tour before booking the Secret Lagoon. A one hour visit to the Secret Lagoon would replace the visit to Kerid to keep the 9 hour schedule. To keep Kerid also in the itinerary the tour would extend to approx. 10 hours.
Kerid is a volcanic crater, belonging to a row of craters that erupted 6.500 years ago. The crater is 55 meters deep. In the crater there is a lake that is like a window to the ground water in the area, and the surface of the water will rise and fall with the hight of the ground water. The crater it is easily accessible for anyone that can make a short walk up a hill.
Free pick-up/drop-off at your accommodation/BUS Stop in Reykjavík Metro.

The South Coast Tour is the second most popular tour from Reykjavik. The usual visited destinations are Seljalandsfoss                                                                                                                                , Skogafoss                                 , Reynisfjara Black Beach                                                                                                and Vik village                                 . The bus tours stop at Vik terminal for lunch and the drive back to Reykjavik. There are some options on this route, incl.: Solheimajokull Glacier (possible Glacier Hike), Dyrholaey Cliff                                (possible to see Puffins in season - end of April to early September), Vik beach                                 , Katlajokull Glacier                                                                 , Local restaurants in Vik. Note: Some of these options need to be booked in advance.
Free pick-up/drop-off at your accommodation/BUS Stop in Reykjavík Metro.

The Snæfellsnes tour is a popular tour around the Snæfellsnes peninsula in the West of Iceland. Here the main attractions are: Budir, Arnarstapi                                 , Hellnar, Kirkjufell                                 . Some optional attractions are: Seal Beach                                 , Londrangar                                                                , Malarrif                                , HolaHolar Crater, Saxholl Crater, Bjarnarfoss waterfall and more                                                                                                                                . This tour is usually around 12 hours.
Free pick-up/drop-off at your accommodation/BUS Stop in Reykjavík Metro.

The Glacier Lagoon Tour, is popular but be prepared for a long drive, back and forth. The main attractions here are the Glacier Lagoon                                                                                                                                and Diamond beach                                                                . The 14 hour tour in the booking module allows 5 hour drive each way, 3 hour stop at Glacier Lagoon/Diamond Beach and 1 hour combined pit stops on the way there and back. These stops can be used for stops at some of the South Coast attractions. Optional at Glacier Lagoon are boat tours on Glacier Lagoon (Amphibian 30-40 minutes / Zodiac 60 minutes). These tours need to booked in advance. A possible stop is another Lagoon, not far from Glacier Lagoon.

The South Coast and Glacier Lagoon tours could be combined in a two day tour. By extending the tour to three days (in summer) a trip further east could be added and a possible snowmobile tour on Vatnajokull Glacier. Note: This needs to be booked in advance.

Free pick-up/drop-off at your accommodation/BUS Stop in Reykjavík Metro.

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Tours are guided in English.


Bring suitable clothing for the Icelandic exterior, warm and water resistant, water resistant walking shoes, hat and gloves. This is for your own comfort while exploring the exterior sites. On Northern Light Tours, bring extra warm clothing so you can be outside for extended time in the cold Icelandic Night.

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Glacier Lagoon or Breidamerkurlon as is named in Iceland, is actually a fjord in creation by an outlet glacier from Vatnajokull glacier. The weight of the outlet glacier is constantly, slowly but surely, carving out the land and Glacier Lagoon is now the deepest lake in Iceland, 250 meters/825 ft deep.